Your Child’s Back-To-School Checklist

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Did you know that a dental examination is as important to your child’s health as having immunizations and booster shots? Well, it’s true! The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has stated that in the U.S. tooth decay affects more children than any other chronic infectious disease. The American Dental Association has made it clear that routine dental checkups and shots should all be a routine part of getting your child ready to have a successful school year.

Earlier this month we spoke about your child having their back-to-school dental examination and check-up. Today we would like to expand upon that. Once your child has had their checkup and professional cleaning, you will want to help them succeed during the school year, by helping them do the following:

Daily Oral Hygiene Habits: Your child needs to brush and floss daily in between dental cleanings. You can encourage good oral habits by providing them with a new soft-bristled toothbrush that fits inside their mouths easily for cleaning. Using a fluoride toothpaste and providing a flossing method they enjoy will all work together to help keep their smile healthy and strong.

Daily Nutrition for Health Chompers: Keeping teeth and gums in good shape means providing them with the building blocks they need. This includes healthy school lunches with raw vegetables, fruit, yogurt, cheese, milk, a healthy meat, and grains. Encourage them to limit or avoid sugary foods and sodas.

Mouthguards for Impact Sports: If your child is active in sports they are on their way to a balanced lifestyle. However, high-impact sports or contact sports can be devastating to smiles. For your child’s protection, we encourage them to wear safety gear, including a mouthguard whether it be after school sports, during PE, or activities on the playground.

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