Two Smile-Friendly Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Appreciate

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If you are still looking for the right gift for someone on your gift list that can boost their self-confidence, Family Smile Center LLC is happy to present two smile-friendly gift options that have the power to transform their smile. Aesthetics are important to success in our society, and for this reason, having a beautiful smile can help make a difference socially, with one’s self-image at work, and overall appearance. With the help of teeth whitening or dental veneers, you can give a loved one a smile they will be thankful for!

Gift Option #1 Teeth Whitening

A confident smile starts with clean, shiny pearly whites with no unsightly stains or discoloration. For luminous smiles, our skilled dentists, Dr. Peter Cha & Danny H. Dinh offer teeth whitening to help people achieve the attractive smiles they desire. With the help of our teeth whitening system, yellowed, dulled teeth can be a thing of the past. Tooth stains which can be lightened include those stemming from fluorosis, aging, regular consumption of soda, wine, tea or coffee, tobacco products, illness or medications.

Gift Option #2 Porcelain Dental Veneers

If someone you know is unhappy with their teeth because of slight gaps, cracks, discoloration, are crooked or misshapen, our porcelain dental veneers can transform their smile safely and without investing extensive amounts of time, unlike other options such as braces or implants to achieve the same effect. If their teeth and gums are healthy, they may be the perfect candidate for these customized, tooth-colored porcelain shells worn over the teeth.

If you have someone in mind that would appreciate the gift of a more beautiful smile, you can call our office at 301.663.9484 to find out more. Our Family Smile Center LLC team in Frederick, Maryland, can schedule a consultation for your gift-recipient and help them find the right option for their needs!