Tips for Dealing with Dental Anxiety

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Dental anxiety is a recognized psychological disorder that is sometimes incorrectly referred to as dental phobia. People suffering from dental phobia have a strong emotional aversion that drives them to ignore dental problems or refused adequate care.

People that experience dental anxiety have a clear understanding about the value of going to the dentist, yet still experience fear and anxiety during even the most basic dental procedures.

Our patient’s comfort is very important to us. In our experience we have found a few things that can help you manage your dental anxiety and get the quality oral health care you deserve.

Thoughtful scheduling can be a factor for some people. Research has found that low blood sugar can often heighten feelings of anxiety. A morning appointment after you have eaten breakfast or in the afternoon, shortly after lunch will help balance your blood sugar and make it easier to relax.

If there is a part of the appointment where you are feeling stress, try breathing deeply in through nose and slowly exhale out the mouth. Deep breathing can help to lower blood pressure, and reduce the levels of stress hormone created by the body.

Some patients with dental anxiety also find relief by administering nitrous oxide during the procedure. Let us know in advance if this is an option you would like to investigate.

Each of our team members is passionate about offering you quality dental care to preserve excellent oral health. Please do not hesitate to talk to any of our team members if you have anxiety about your dental appointment so that we can help put you at ease.

Please call our office at 301.663.9484 to schedule your next appointment. We look forward to seeing you again.