Three Causes of Bad Breath You Should Not Ignore

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There are a variety of factors that can result in bad breath, and today our Family Smile Center LLC team in Frederick, Maryland, is going to focus on three of them. Let’s take a look!

1- The fall (and winter) seasons bring with them changes in the air which can result in respiratory illnesses such as sinus infections. Sinus infections make it harder to breathe as your sinuses become inflamed and congested. As this inflammation causes your sinus mucus to build up instead of circulating, bacteria multiply and give off an unpleasant odor.  To drain the sinuses, you can use saline sprays, allergy remedies, or nasal steroids, along with increasing your hydration by drinking lots of water.

2- Dry mouth can arise any time a result of insufficient saliva production. Saliva is needed to rinse away bacterial residue and keep your mouth free from the buildup of dental plaque. If you regularly drink caffeinated beverages, you may be depleting your saliva levels, along with mouth breathing which dries out the mouth. Using antihistamines or other medications can also cause dry mouth. To stimulate saliva production, stay hydrated with water, chew sugarless gum or candy, and snack on fresh apples or celery.

3- Tobacco dries out the oral cavity and results in a bad smelling breath, also called smoker’s breath, while increasing your likelihood of gum disease. To overcome the effects of tobacco on the breath, we encourage stopping this habit or switching to vaping. Tobacco cessation programs can also help.

For better breath, address the conditions above and stay on top of your oral hygiene routine. Stay hydrated, brush twice a day, floss once a day, and rinse with a microbial mouthwash to kill germs. Please give us a call at 301.663.9484 if you have any questions or to schedule a visit with one of our dentists, Dr. Danny Dinh and Dr. Peter Cha. We look forward to helping your smile thrive all year long!