Our Porcelain Dental Veneers Can Brighten and Transform Your Smile

Dr. Peter Cha & Danny H. Dinh and at Family Smile Center LLC are pleased to offer dental veneers for our patients in Frederick, MD, who want to improve minor dental flaws to help and transform their smiles. These custom crafted shells are wafer thin, yet durable. They cover the front teeth in your smile to correct a variety of... read more »

Are You in Need of Endodontic Therapy?

Are you in need of endodontic therapy for a damaged or infected tooth? Endodontic therapy or root canal treatment is necessary when a tooth is severely damaged but can still be saved. Many people because nervous when they find out this is a recommended treatment for their oral condition. However, this nervousness does not have to be the case. Today,... read more »

Root Canal Treatment 101

Did you know that having a tooth that is severely decayed or infected can be detrimental to your overall health? And did you also know that a root canal can be one of the ways to treat a decayed or infected tooth? Today, our team at Family Smile Center LLC will give you the basics on root canal treatment. What... read more »