Signs Your Child May Need Braces

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Your child’s mouth with undergo changes in the shape and structure as it develops, gradually expanding throughout the teenage years. Over time, their baby teeth will also be replaced by adult teeth that are meant to last for the rest of their life. Due to developing oral structure, it’s important to monitor your child’s smile for signs of needing braces.

Sometimes, when a child’s oral structure is transitioning, some of the permanent teeth can emerge with too much space between them. While it’s possible that the teeth will shift closer together as the oral structure undergoes further development, widely spaced teeth often result in significant tooth alignment issues and additional complications.

If your child’s teeth are gapped, we invite you to contact Dr. Peter Cha & Danny H. Dinh and our team to arrange a consultation so that we can assess the severity of any dental misalignment and determine which treatment strategy would be most effective.

To treat this dental condition, we may need to provide an early treatment similar to traditional braces to maintain the position of the teeth, and even perform periodic adjustments so that the braces remain tight and we can close the gap between teeth over time.

Following the stabilization of the oral structure, we may need to provide a retainer for your child to wear to help the new tooth positions become further stabilized. An orthodontic retainer holds the teeth in position until lingering tension has subsided and the teeth are secure.

If you are concerned about your child’s teeth and are considering seeking braces in Frederick, Maryland, we invite you to call Family Smile Center LLC at 301.663.9484 today to schedule a consultation with our doctor.