Sedation Dentistry Options to Help You Relax in the Dental Chair

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Do you often feel a deep anxiety when it’s time to sit in the dental chair for a dental checkup or other procedure? Many people struggle with dental anxiety and find that visiting the dentist is very difficult. We are happy to recommend sedation dentistry if we feel it will help you relax during your visits and make dental treatment more enjoyable.

Sedation dentistry is the use of a sedative to help patients feel relaxed during treatment. Depending on the nature of your anxiety, we may recommend sedation during routine teeth cleaning or a more extensive procedure. Dr. Peter Cha & Danny H. Dinh offers the following options for patients who are good candidates for sedation:

– Mild sedation: If you have a genuine psychological condition that causes an irrational fear of tooth treatment, we can offer light sedation to lower stress levels while leaving you awake yet very relaxed.

– Moderate sedation: If your dental care requires you to sit in the chair for a long time and hold your mouth open, such as wisdom tooth removal, we can provide a moderate sedation that induces a light sleep and prevents you from experiencing any discomfort or even recalling the details of the procedure.

The purpose of sedation dentistry is to help nervous patients feel relaxed and calm during the course of dental procedures. The use of a sedative can help a procedure feel as though it only lasted a few minutes.

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