Missing Teeth? A Dental Bridge Can Be the Right Choice for Your Smile Confidence

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Has your smile suffered losses of your pearly whites? If you have missing or extracted teeth in a row (one or more) wearing a dental bridge can help your smile regain its confidence.

At Family Smile Center LLC in Frederick, Maryland, Dr. Peter Cha & Danny H. Dinh and our team are excited offer fixed dental bridges for our patients who need help with missing teeth. Not only is it ideal for those whose teeth near the gaps have large fillings which will eventually require dental crowns, but also for those who can’t wear a dental implant.

A fixed dental bridge will allow you to keep your facial shape while enabling you to speak and chew with ease again. It also prevents your surrounding teeth from shifting and misaligning your bite. This stability comes as the bridge is cemented in the mouth while connecting at least three crowns to replace the missing tooth area.

So what does smile-care look like with a dental bridge? Caring for your smile is similar to normal oral hygiene maintenance. You will want to brush at least twice each day for two and a half minutes, using a soft bristled toothbrush.

Of course, flossing your smile is essential while wearing bridges. The areas between the teeth supporting the bridge and the areas under the bridge must be flossed properly to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Many patients with dental bridges have discovered that water flossers are an effective flossing solution is to clean these areas.

Your bridge can last up to ten years with proper care. If you have questions about the missing teeth in your smile, or if you would like to find out if you are a good candidate for a dental bridge, please give Family Smile Center LLC a call at 301.663.9484. Dr. Peter Cha & Danny H. Dinh and our team in Frederick, Maryland, are happy to help you with all of your smile care needs!