If You Are a Mom to Be, Is Your Smile in Good Shape?

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More and more we are learning about the connection between oral health and other conditions in the body. For example, did you know that pregnant moms-to-be who also have gum disease are more vulnerable to having a premature, underweight baby? This is because gum disease affects the levels of the fluids in the body that bring on labor.

At Family Smile Center LLC, we want to help our patients in Frederick, Maryland, to have a healthy, safe, pregnancy. If you are considering becoming pregnant, we recommend having a thorough dental checkup with Dr. Peter Cha & Danny H. Dinh to treat any oral issues before you are pregnant.

Pregnancy requires taking excellent care of your oral health to help your developing baby as well as taking care of your own smile. This means continuing your normal brushing and flossing routine, especially along the gumline, eating healthy and avoiding sweets, and maintaining regular dental check-ups to make sure your mouth is not harming your health.

Gum disease or pregnancy gingivitis is an issue for women who are expecting as the dental plaque builds up on your pearly whites also irritates your gum tissue. This happens because your increased hormone levels impact how your gums react to the plaque. If you are noticing that your gums are bleeding, are red or inflamed, you may be experiencing the effects of gingivitis.

Be sure to increase your smile-healthy foods such as dairy–including cheese and yogurt–and fresh vegetables and fruits. Staying hydrated with plenty of water will help your gums stay healthy because of adequate saliva production, which keeps away dry mouth.

Be sure to let our team know that you are pregnant when you come in for dental care. Particularly if you are in your first trimester, we will avoid administering X-rays, anesthesia, pain medications, or antibiotics, unless there is a medical need.

If you are needing to schedule your next visit, please call 301.663.9484 today. We will help make sure you have a healthy smile for a healthier baby!