Do You Have Tooth Stains? Try These Tips to Restore Your Beautiful Smile!

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Staining happens on your teeth for various reasons. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’d like to offer you some common teeth staining problems and some tips to help you overcome them. Your beautiful smile is an important part of your self-image!

Problem: Beverages such as coffee, tea, and red wine, along with deep-colored berries and sauces stain your pearly whites over time.

Tip: You can sip your drinks through a straw to limit exposure on your teeth, and switch to as apples, red grapes, and oranges that won’t discolor your teeth.

Problem: Genetics can cause some people’s teeth to appear yellowish or off-white.

Tip: You can talk to your dentist about whitening effectively.

Problem: Aging. Over time, if stains aren’t treated, they can seriously darken your teeth, especially as tooth enamel wears with age, leaving the yellower dentin layer beneath.

Tip: Talk to your dentist for enamel-building toothpaste, as well as teeth whitening options.

Problem: Using tobacco in any form can stain teeth and kill healthy gum tissue.

Tip: Give it up! There are cessation programs that can give you the support you need to end this destructive habit, and your smile will thank you.

Problem: Whitening toothpaste and rinses can lift surface stains off of your teeth but aren’t generally as effective as your dentist’s bleaching options.

Tip: See your dentist for the most effective whitening and save toothpaste and rinses to help you keep the color white after professional whitening.

If you are in the Frederick, Maryland, area and you have stains or discoloration on your teeth, please call 301.663.9484 to schedule a whitening treatment with our dental care specialists at Family Smile Center LLC. Dr. Danny Dinh and Dr. Peter Cha are pleased to offer professional teeth whitening to help you flash your best smile!