Dental Attrition Can Cause Serious Complications

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Minor alignment issues that developed in your dentition, or went uncorrected in youth can certainly leave you with an unappealing smile. Yet on a functional level, it could possibly a more serious threat to the dental health of one or even multiple teeth.

When two teeth meet at an imperfect angle, it can cause them to rub together excessively. This unhealthy wear and tear can gradually damage the tooth enamel on one or more teeth. As the dental attrition spreads, it can invite tooth decay, or even cause the tooth to fracture severely.

If you notice a change in texture on one of your teeth, heightened sensitivity, or other signs of early distress in the tooth enamel, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Dr. Peter Cha & Danny H. Dinh’s dental office in Frederick, Maryland. Early detection and treatment of dental attrition decrease your chances of suffering serious complications.

Sometimes a small area of dental attrition can be repaired by a simple amalgam or composite resin filling. After the repair, our dentists might contour a small amount of tooth enamel on the damaged tooth so it will not cause further damage.

In a case where the dental attrition has compromised a large area of tooth enamel or tooth decay has developed, our dentists might recommend a crown restoration. This will completely replace the entire tooth enamel layer with an alternate material like gold, a metallic alloy, or porcelain ceramic.

If you live in the Frederick, Maryland area and you suspect one of your teeth has been distressed by dental attrition, please call 301.663.9484 to schedule an appointment with our dental team at Family Smile Center LLC. Dr. Peter Cha and Dr. Danny Dinh look forward to helping you maintain your smile with the best possible oral care!