Are Bleeding Gums Affecting Your Smile?

At Family Smile Center LLC, we want our patients in Frederick, Maryland, to know that taking good care of your oral health will benefit not just your precious pearly whites, but your gum health as well. In fact, did you know that your gums are an indicator of your overall health? The main cause of bleeding gums is the steady buildup... read more »

Are You Ready for a Brighter Smile?

Your tooth enamel has microscopic pores that are receptive to long-term staining. Many people interested in brightening their smile will turn to Dr. Peter Cha & Danny H. Dinh to understand their whitening options. Your dentist, Dr. Cha and Dr. Dinh have the training and experience needed to help you find the safest and most effective way to brighten your... read more »

Daily Care and Cleaning Requirements for Your New Dentures

At Family Smile Center LLC in Frederick, Maryland, Dr. Peter Cha and Dr. Danny Dinh are pleased to offer dentures to brighten your confident smile. Your new dentures are designed to completely restore the function and appearance of your compromised teeth. Even though your new dentures are made from materials that are not subject to tooth decay, there are still... read more »

See What You Know By Taking This Dental Quiz

Do you think you know a lot about dental care and oral hygiene? If so, feel free to test your knowledge by taking this dental quiz! Question: When should I get a dental cleaning and exam? Answer: You should visit your dentist and receive a dental cleaning and exam every six months. Question: How often should I brush my teeth?... read more »

5 Reasons Why You May Need Braces

Our team at Family Smile Center LLC in Frederick, Maryland, is happy to offer braces for those whose teeth are not aligned, or whose bite needs adjusting. Some patients use braces to fix cosmetic issues with their pearly whites, others benefit from the medical fixes. Conditions which might cause you to need orthodontic care can include the following: You lose your... read more »

Dental Implants: The Many Benefits Offered

If you’re trying to decide which dental restoration to use to replace your missing teeth, our Family Smile Center team has some information that might help you! A dental implant is a great tooth-replacement option that can give you the results you are looking for. It has many benefits, including: -It can improve your speech: Once you fill the gap... read more »

The Process Involved in Placing a Dental Veneer

Are you planning on beautifying your smile with a dental veneer? If so, good for you! Dental veneers in Frederick, MD, are beneficial products that cover the front surface of your teeth and perfect the imperfections of your smile. If you’re interested in the details of the dental veneer treatment, our Family Smile Center team is more than happy to... read more »

What to do about a Chipped Tooth

The enamel layer of your teeth is made up of densely packed microscopic mineral crystals that are very strong and durable. Unfortunately, there are still times where something like a blow to the face, chewing on ice or hard candy can cause a chip in the enamel layer of a tooth. If one of your teeth is chipped or suffers... read more »

Periodontal Disease Poses a Serious Threat to Your Oral Health

Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease is an infection and inflammation of the gum tissues. Periodontal disease is more often caused by hardened tartar at the gum line. However, other factors like tobacco use and certain medical conditions can accelerate the progress of the disease. Periodontal disease starts as gingivitis. Primary symptoms include red or inflamed gums that... read more »

Instilling Your Child with Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Instilling good oral hygiene habits in your child when they are young helps start them off on the right foot for the rest of their lives. At the same time, if one of your child's baby teeth suffers from advanced tooth decay it might need to be extracted before it would have naturally fallen out on its own. This increases... read more »