8 Reasons You Should See Your Dentist

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Achieving and maintaining optimal oral health includes seeing your dentist regularly. Not only do these checkups help keep dental issues from arising–tooth decay, gum disease, etc.–but they also allow treatment to be administered while they are least invasive and least costly to resolve.

Additionally, there are times when you may need to be seen in between dental cleanings and exams. If you see any of the following signs before your next scheduled appointment, please give our Family Smile Center LLC team a call to see if you should come in. The following are signs you should be aware of:

#1 Any unusual pain in your mouth, face or neck area, should be evaluated.

#2 Any sudden swelling or bleeding when you brush and floss your teeth and gumline.

#3- Not wanting to smile due to a lost tooth, or discoloration of your teeth. To regain your confidence, it might be time to replace a lost tooth or have stains removed with a teeth whitening treatment. Don’t let dental issues keep you from smiling!

#4- Pregnancy can invite gum issues thanks to fluctuating hormones or acid in the mouth due to morning sickness. Be sure to keep up with dental checkups during this important time to prevent problems.

#5- Any pain from chewing or swallowing should be addressed. In the meantime, protect your teeth by sticking to soft foods or liquids until the issue is treated.

#6- Having a chronic dry mouth condition may indicate an underlying medical condition or side effect of a medication which you are taking.

#7- Any jaw pain when you open and close your mouth or pain when chewing should be evaluated so it doesn’t worsen.

#8- Any unusual sores in your mouth which just aren’t healing after a couple of weeks should be looked at. You may have a bacterial infection, a virus, a fungus or disease.

Unusual oral symptoms should not be ignored. To receive timely treatment, please feel free to reach out by calling 301.663.9484 in Frederick, Maryland. Our doctors, Dr. Peter Cha & Danny H. Dinh are always glad to help you achieve the quality care you deserve.